Items For Children – Pokemon, Pooh, Etc.

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img_2544Poke Ball Magnets – $3 each

Poke Ball Magnets  

Ball Selection :


img_2369Pokemon Magnets – $3 each

Pokemon Magnets  

Charactor Selection :

Pokemon Magnets Pokemon Magnet s – $3 each (Perler Beads)

Character :

Lugia Magnet – $7.00 each



img_2526 img_2525Pokemon Tissue Box Cover – $18 each

046abaca-55ef-4dc3-85be-0bcfedccaa32 img_2672-editedCancer Awareness Ribbon – $2 each with shipping included.

Color Selection :

IMG_2348 IMG_2347Bear Trinket Box – $8

img_2355 img_2356Batman Trinket Box – $8

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Tic Tac Toe Game Tic Tac Toe HolderTIc Tac Toe Game

Price: $15  Includes Holder/Game Board and 10 each of cars and stoplights.